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Picric ac. is best suited to people who are prone to intellectual collapse and nervous exhaustion—perhaps students who have studied too hard for exams. They have a tendency to be indifferent, listless, and lack motivation, and the slightest exertion makes them want to lie down. Exhaustion and poor concentration are other common symptoms.

The classic symptom picture for Picric ac. is of indifference with great mental and physical fatigue, which may develop into actual paralysis. Muscular pains in the limbs may accompany fatigue, and there may be weak, heavy sensations in the limbs and back, and burning along the spine, particularly upon any exertion. The hands and feet may feel cold.

Symptoms better For bandaging affected areas; for rest; for sun and open air; for cold air; for bathing in cold water. Symptoms worse For movement; for mental exertion; for any secretion, such as catarrh, semen, blood, or vaginal discharge.

Acidum salicylicum

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