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Carcinosin is best suited to people who were shy, oversympathetic, and hypersensitive during childhood. Such children typically suppress their emotions, dislike being criticized or scolded, and are easily offended. During puberty they may find it difficult to contain their sexual feelings. As adults, they tend to be passionate, and often become workaholics, continually pushing themselves to the limit. They may have a great desire for travel and excitement. Their yearning for deep fulfilment may lead to exhaustion and illness.

People who benefit most from the remedy may have a strong craving for fatty foods, especially butter and chocolate. Physical symptoms may be positively or negatively affected by being at the seaside. These people generally feel better for dancing or when listening to music. Their symptoms may be relieved by lying with the knees drawn up to the elbows.

Carcinosin may be prescribed for those who have a personal or family history of cancer, diabetes, or tuberculosis. In some cases the remedy may even be used in the treatment of the actual diseases. The remedy also has an affinity with those who have a history of emotional stress, or who are recovering from chronic fatigue syndrome or mononucleosis.

Diabetes 2

Diabetes 2

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