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Scorpion is most effective for people who feel detached and disconnected from the world. Their mental state is dull and foggy, and they are unable to concentrate on more than one thing at a time. This state of mind may be accompanied by anxiety about health, an aversion to work and to talking, and sensitivity to music. Their moods are usually very changeable, and they may have confused, troubling, vague, angry, or erotic dreams.

Strong fears may be helped by Scorpion, especially those of driving and of accidents. A classic symptom is great fear, which is rooted in the abdomen, and may occur with sharp cramps below the ribs. Symptoms better For crying; for walking; for movement; for urinating; for eating. Symptoms worse At night; for bright light; for noise; for sitting; for breathing deeply; for pressure on the abdomen.

Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Suffering from Anxiety or Panic Attacks? Discover The Secrets to Stop Attacks in Their Tracks! Your heart is racing so fast and you don’t know why, at least not at first. Then your chest tightens and you feel like you are having a heart attack. All of a sudden, you start sweating and getting jittery.

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