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This remedy is best suited to people who polarize between a fast, excitable, idealistic state and one that is absent-minded, confused, and chaotic. Their initial idealism may lead them to misjudge their own abilities, resulting in disappointment, resentment, or a feeling that they will never succeed.

These people typically search for values and beliefs as a means of establishing a structure and overview for their lives. If these structures begin to drop away, perhaps due to stress or illness, for example, they typically try to "battle on," exhausted and muddled. They are sensitive to other people and to any distress they may be experiencing, but are also inclined to be challenging and disobedient. They have a tendency to be forgetful, gloomy, weepy, and bad-tempered, especially during cloudy weather.

Physical symptoms typically treated with Ammonium carb. include severe fatigue, skin eruptions, chesty respiratory conditions such as bronchitis, and problems generated by a sluggish circulation. It may also be used for scarlet fever.

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