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People who benefit most from Acetic ac. often sigh due to feelings of depression, anxiety, or irritability, and are also prone to forgetfulness. They are often anemic, with pale, waxy, clammy skin and intense thirst. Despite profound sleepiness, they may find it difficult to sleep.

Debilitation and emaciation are the key factors linked to this remedy. It is often prescribed to treat fainting, breathlessness, water retention, diabetes, or great exhaustion following an injury, an operation, or hemorrhaging.

Severe burning pains and tenderness in the stomach can also be treated using Acetic ac, if they are accompanied by symptoms such as sour-tasting belches, vomiting, and profuse salivation, or by the classic debilitation symptoms.

Symptoms better For lying on the stomach; for belching; for potatoes. Symptoms worse In the morning; for movement; for overexertion; for lying on the back; for bread and butter; for vegetables; for cold drinks; for wine.

Acidum benzoicum

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Supplements For Diabetics

Supplements For Diabetics

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