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People who respond best to Convallaria have difficulty in thinking, because their brains feel dull. They often find themselves unable to concentrate when reading, and tend to become irritable when questioned. There is a tendency to experience feelings of depression. Convallaria is prescribed primarily for heart problems. Typical heart symptoms treated by the remedy include palpitations triggered by the slightest exertion. The heartbeat may seem to reverberate throughout the whole chest and rib cage, or it may become fluttery and irregular after exercise, possibly causing nausea and breathlessness. Water retention may accompany heart problems, as may poor circulation. The remedy is often given for heart palpitations that occur in conjunction with soreness of the uterus. Symptoms better For open air. Symptoms worse For warm rooms; for lying on the back.



Your Heart and Nutrition

Your Heart and Nutrition

Prevention is better than a cure. Learn how to cherish your heart by taking the necessary means to keep it pumping healthily and steadily through your life.

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