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People who respond to Tarentula cub. may be delirious, extremely restless, and uneasy. They often feel drowsy but sleep restlessly and have a sense of hurry It is useful for hyperactivity

The classic symptom picture for this remedy is of severe, painful inflammation, burning, stinging pains, and extreme prostration and weakness. It is given for slow-developing fever, acute infection such as diphtheria, and septic conditions such as carbuncles, septicemia, painful abscesses, especially near the fingernails, ulcers that will not heal, and gangrene. In addition, the remedy may be used to ease pain experienced during a slow death. The appetite is generally low, and the stomach feels hard and sore. Severe coughs such as whooping cough may also be helped, if there is great prostration.

Symptoms better For smoking; for music. Symptoms worse At night; for exertion; for cold drinks; for touch.

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