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People who respond best to Sanguinaria are confused and full of dread, and feel very weak and stupid. Despite feeling heavy languid, and drowsy, they cannot sleep at night and the slightest noise wakes them up. An uncomfortable sensation of prickling warmth sometimes spreads over the whole body.

The classic symptom picture for this remedy is of irritation of the mucous membranes, particularly those of the respiratory system. Sanguinaria may be given for hay fever accompanied by great sensitivity to grass, flowers, and scents, and by burning and dryness in the nose and throat. Other conditions that are typically associated with Sanguinaria include asthma with catarrh and raw, burning membranes. Symptoms tend to affect the right side of the body more than the left. Symptoms better In the evening; for lying on the back; for lying on the left side; for sleep; for vomiting; for belching. Symptoms worse For cold and damp; for sun; for movement and touch; for lying on the right side; during menopause; for sweet foods.

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