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This remedy is primarily used for a classic state of mind rather than a set of physical symptoms. People for whom Chocolate is best suited tend to lack concentration and to feel anxious, vulnerable, and self-conscious, as if they are being watched. They are prone to fears of cars, accidents, illness, dogs, or being attacked. They may feel estranged from loved ones, and believe that they do not belong anywhere. This state of mind can develop into withdrawal and antisocial behavior, associated particularly with a reluctance to talk and a desire to be alone in the evening.

Although used chiefly for emotional states, the symptom picture for Chocolate may include physical symptoms such as constriction in the chest or head, and nervous disorders associated with great clumsiness and heaviness in the limbs. Symptoms better For warmth; for being covered up.

Symptoms worse In the evening; on waking; for eating chocolate or sweets; for drinking tea.

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