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Astacus is best suited to people who feel unprotected and vulnerable during transitional phases in their lives. They are often taciturn loners who desire calmness and clarity, but tend to be vague and absent-minded, their heads feeling full of cotton balls.

Astacus has a strong affinity with the liver, digestion, glands, and skin. It is well known as a remedy for urticaria (hives), particularly if the rash is accompanied by cramps and pain, or inflammation in the liver area that feels worse for pressure on it. There may be stinging pains in the temples, ears, and kidneys, and the glands may be enlarged and inflamed, especially in children and the elderly. Symptoms better For walking; for sitting; after crying.

Symptoms worse For uncovering the affected area or exposing it to the air; for eating fish or meat.

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Peripheral Neuropathy Natural Treatment Options

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