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Hard-working individuals who find it hard to relax are most suited to Zinc. met. They take on too much responsibility, then become stressed. A state of nervous excitement follows, which makes them sensitive, especially to noise, irritable, and carping. This overstimulation saps their vitality and can lead to mental and physical exhaustion.

These people tend to be forgetful, feel the cold keenly, are prone to anemia, and are notorious for complaining when ill. Symptoms tend to worsen at night, and twitching persists during sleep. Drinking alcohol, especially wine, and eating also aggravate symptoms, which tend to improve after expelling natural discharges via urination, defecation, and menstruation.

Typical physical symptoms are extreme fatigue, weakness, and restless, twitchy, trembling limbs, particularly the legs. The remedy is used for these conditions, for nervous and urogenital disorders, and for itchy skin eruptions with fatigue and twitching limbs.

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Beat The Battle With The Bottle

Beat The Battle With The Bottle

Alcoholism is something that can't be formed in easy terms. Alcoholism as a whole refers to the circumstance whereby there's an obsession in man to keep ingesting beverages with alcohol content which is injurious to health. The circumstance of alcoholism doesn't let the person addicted have any command over ingestion despite being cognizant of the damaging consequences ensuing from it.

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