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Copaiva is given to restless, overwrought people who are prone to burning pains, and a feeling of heaviness or pressure on any part of the body Their nervous system is oversensitive, and they tend to feel startled when they hear noises, and to weep on hearing piano music. A key symptom associated with the remedy is excessive discharge from the mucous membranes. This includes urinary tract discharges, catarrh during a cold, and profuse, greenish gray, offensive-smelling mucus during a bout of chronic bronchitis. The remedy is also used as a treatment for mucus discharges associated with leucorrhea (abnormal discharge from the vagina), urethritis (inflammation of the urethra), and gonorrhea.

Symptoms better For pressure on the affected area; for walking; for doubling over; for perspiring. Symptoms worse In the morning; for catching cold; for starchy foods.

Dealing With Bronchitis

Dealing With Bronchitis

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