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Angustura is best suited to people who are either timid and weak, or oversensitive, touchy, and "filled with bitterness." They are often very restless at night, waking for no reason, and unable to get back to sleep. Their dreams are vivid, anxious, and unsettling, and they may crave coffee.

The remedy is typically prescribed for rheumatic conditions and nervous system disorders, especially those affecting the nerves in the spine or causing paralysis. Symptoms include tension and stiffness in the muscles and joints, making them feel sore and bruised. There may be tearing pains in the bones that lead to difficulty in walking. The tissues may even decay due to painful ulcers that penetrate the bone marrow and cause the bones to crumble, particularly the long bones of the body. Symptoms better For applying cold fingers or a cold compress to the affected area; for sitting up; for rest.

Symptoms worse For exertion; for stooping; for sitting bent over; for touching the affected area; for noise.

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