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People for whom Carbon sulph. is best suited seem unable to think clearly. They may be either loquacious or respond slowly to others, forgetting words. In severe cases, they can be affected by dementia alternating with excitement, associated with fear, biting, sudden rage, or delusions of grandeur. At the ultimate extreme, they progress to complete breakdown, especially in their relationships, with a loss of dignity and confused sense of self. They may even attempt suicide and require restraining.

This pattern of breakdown is reflected in the physical conditions for which Carbon sulph. is chiefly used. The body systems become "disorganized," leading to muscle-wasting, jerking pains, visual disturbances with progressive vision loss and color blindness, widespread nerve inflammation, and digestive upsets. These symptoms may occur concurrently or in isolation.

Other important symptoms that may respond to the remedy include tinnitus, chronic sciatic pain and twitching, recurrent breathing difficulties, skin irritation, loss of sensation, and diarrhea or constipation. Symptoms better For open air; for warm drinks. Symptoms worse For bathing; during and after eating.

See also Tinnitus, page 222

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