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Ailanthus is best suited to those who feel extremely weak when ill, and frequently behave in a stupid, dull, and confused way. They may feel anxious, odd, or even crazy Key symptoms indicating that this remedy is suitable are fevers with great weakness and congestion of the blood, which typically gives the skin a purple, mottled, swollen appearance. Ailanthus is often given for acute bouts of mononucleosis with swollen tonsils and neck glands. Pain extends from the neck glands to the ears on swallowing. The tonsils on the left side are mainly affected, and may develop oozing mucus or ulcers. Symptoms better For lying on the right side; for hot drinks.

Symptoms worse For skin eruptions that fail to develop; for the slightest movement; for sitting up; for the sight of food. See also Mononucleosis, page 254

Allium sativum

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