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People who respond best to the Ruta remedy are prone to feelings of anxiety and panic and tend to be weepy They may be quarrelsome and suspicious, often feeling that they are being constantly deceived or watched.

The classic symptom picture for Ruta is of connective tissue problems with marked stiffness and pain in the muscles and tendons, often due to sprains, overuse of the muscles, or injury The pain is typically sore, bruised, aching, and accompanied by restlessness. Repetitive strain injuries, eye strain, ganglions, and chronic arthritis may be helped by Ruta, as may a stiff, sore lower back or sciatica. Symptoms better For warmth; for lying on the back; for movement; for rubbing or scratching the affected area.

Symptoms worse For cold, damp air; for overexertion, injury, or sprains; for sitting; for menstruating; for eating uncooked or indigestible foods. See also Eye strain, page 220

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