KEY SYMPTOMS despair and pessimism • sense of being forsaken • chilliness • offensive-smelling discharges • constant hunger

In Latin, scabere means "to scratch." From this is derived the name of the scabies mite, which tunnels into the skin and causes an itchy, blistering infection. Hahnemann believed that scabies infection reflected a more deep-seated, underlying disease, or "miasm," in his patients (see page 20), which could be revealed and healed by treatment. He proved the homeopathic remedy, Psorinum, from a "nosode" (see page 20) of the infection, although it was not published until it was re-proved by Hering in 1831. Psorinum is given mainly for skin, bowel, and respiratory tract complaints.

SCABIES MITE Once the female mite has eaten her way into the skin, she lays eggs that hatch and cause infestation.
Peripheral Neuropathy Natural Treatment Options

Peripheral Neuropathy Natural Treatment Options

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