Plumbum metallicum


KEY SYMPTOMS mental dullness • hardening of attitude and state of mind • hardening or thickening of tissues and arteries • extreme chilliness • shooting pains

Although lead has been widely used since Roman times, its toxicity was not recognized until the 20th century. It is now banned from paints to prevent children from being poisoned by chewing lead-based toy or crib paint, and was phased out of gasoline because of fears that it may impair mental development in children. Physical symptoms of lead poisoning include wrist drop and colicky abdominal pains. Plumbum met. was proved by Drs. Hering, Hartlaub, Trinks, and Menning, and published in Allen's Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica (1874-79).

Galena forms as perfect cubic shapes with well-defined steps

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