common names Pareira, pareira brava. origin Found in Panama, Brazil, Bolivia, and Peru.

background Notoriously used by native South Americans to make curare, an arrow poison, the root of this plant is also used herbally as a diuretic, to increase menstrual flow, and to reduce fever.

preparation The fresh root is steeped in alcohol, diluted, and succussed.

Remedy profile

People for whom Pareira is best suited tend to have a constant urge to urinate, with great straining and painful urination. There is typically severe pain radiating down the thigh, and it may be possible to urinate only in certain positions. In men, there may be severe pain in the penis. Excruciating pains may develop on the left side of the lower back. The urine may contain thick, stringy, white mucus or a red precipitate. Pareira may also be helpful for itching in the urethra, kidney colic, an enlarged prostate gland, and prostate disorders with urine retention.

Symptoms better For being on the hands and knees; for pressing the head against the floor. Symptoms worse After midnight; after urinating.

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