Overactive metabolism

symptoms Staring eyes (exophthalmos) and a distressed expression on the face, which may be swollen. The skin and hair are usually dry. There may be vertigo, with hot flashes, fainting, and throbbing head pain with a rush of blood to the head. Other symptoms include an increased appetite yet a noticeable weight loss (see right) and

Granules are heavy and slightly soluble in water symptoms Rapid, noticeable weight loss and emaciation despite an insatiable appetite. Excessive thirst is typical. The liver may become enlarged, with possible signs of jaundice, and the pancreas may be painful. Chronic diarrhea linked to nervousness or to particular foods may be present, as may constipation with pale stools. Symptoms better For fresh air; for movement; for eating.

Symptoms worse For warm surroundings; for anxiety.

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Natural Vertigo And Dizziness Relief

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