Mouth throat conditions

symptoms Mouth ulcers on the tongue, walls of the mouth, and gums. Sore, raised, cream-colored patches may form in the mouth, usually indicating oral thrush. A sore throat may become ulcerated, and tonsillitis may set in. Abscesses may form in the roots of the teeth, causing painful swelling. Gums may become painfully inflamed and prone to bleeding (gingivitis). The teeth may also ache and loosen. Pain brought on by a toothache or a sore throat may extend to the ears. Other typical symptoms treated by Merc. sol. include a bitter taste in the mouth, halitosis, swollen glands, fever (see below), and a yellow-coated tongue that may bear tooth marks. Symptoms better For rest; for moderate temperatures; for applying warm compresses. Symptoms worse For extreme heat or cold; for sweating; for hot or cold foods and drinks.

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Dealing With Erectile Dysfunction

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