Major mineral remedies

although not in such common usage for HEALING purposes As pLANTs, NATURALLY

occurring minerals and manufactured mineral and chemical compounds do have a long medicinal tradition. this section outlines the major mineral-based homeopathic remedies.

Acidum arsenicosum syn. Arsenicum album


KEY SYMPTOMS anxiety about health • restlessness and exhaustion • chilliness • thirst for small sips of water • burning pains that are better for warmth

Arsenic is well known as a deadly poison. In the past it was used to make flypaper and wallpaper, sometimes leading to accidental poisonings: Napoleons death has recently been attributed to arsenic used to color his wallpaper, which may have formed a deadly gas in damp, moldy conditions. Arsen. alb., proved by Hahnemann and published in his Materia Medica Pura (1821-34), is given chiefly to treat the mucous membranes of the digestive and respiratory tracts.

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Free Yourself from Panic Attacks

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