Malandrinum Homeopathy For Acne Treatment

maceration, remedies 29 Mag. carb. 298

see also Magnesium carbonicum Mag. mur. 298

see also Magnesium chloratum Mag. phos. 298

see also Magnesium phosphoricum Mag. sulph. 298

see also Magnesium sulphuricum magnesium carbonate see Magnesium carbonicum Magnesium carbonicum (Mag. carb.)

153, 298

Magnesium chloratum (Mag. mur.) 153, 298 magnesium chloride see Magnesium chloratum magnesium phosphate see Magnesium phosphoricum Magnesium phosphoricum (Mag. phos.) 90,

246-47, 256-57, 298 magnesium sulfate see Magnesium sulphuricum Magnesium sulphuricum (Mag. sulph.)

154, 298

Majorana hortensis see Origanum majorana Malandrinum (Malandrinum) 154, 298 male reproductive system 198

ailments see men's health Mancinella 298

see also Hippomane mancinella Mandragora officinarum (Mandragora) 154, 298

manganese see Manganum metallicum Manganum metallicum (Manganum met.)

154, 298 mania & violence 53 manic depression 212 manzanilla see Hippomane mancinella marigold see Calendula officinalis marijuana see Cannabis sativa;

Cannabis sativa 'Indica' marking-nut tree see Anacardium orientale marsh tea see Ledum palustre

Marum verum see Teucrium marum mastitis 201

materia medica development 22-23 Matricaria chamomilla see Chamomilla recutita may apple see Podophyllum peltatum may tree see Crataegus laevigata ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis)

see chronic fatigue syndrome meadow anemone see Pulsatilla pratensis subsp. nigricans meadow saffron see Colchicum autumnale measles 252-53

Medicago sativa (Alfalfa) 154, 277 medicine & medical practice, historical development 12-14 Medorrhinum (Medorrhinum) 110, 298 Melilotus/melilot 299

see also Melilotus officinalis Melilotus arvensis see Melilotus officinalis Melilotus officinalis (Melilotus) 154-55, 299 meninges 178 menopause 48, 258-59 menorrhagia see heavy periods men's health 75, 99 self-help ailments 264-65 serious ailments 200, 202-3 see also individual ailments by name, e.g., balanitis menstrual cramps 90 menstrual problems 256-59

Cimicifuga racemosa (Cimicifuga) 48 Cucumis colocynthis (Colocynthis) 52 Graphites (Graphites) 83 Platinum metallicum (Platina) 95 Syphilinum (Syphilinum) 113 Thuja occidentalis (Thuja) 64 see also individual ailments by name, e.g., premenstrual syndrome menstrual cycle 198

ailments see menstrual problems mental states, disordered 43 Merc. corr. 299

see also Hydrargyrum bichloratum Merc. cyan. 299

see also Hydrargyrum cyanatum Merc. dulc. 299

see also Hydrargyrum chloratum

Merc. iod. flav. 299

see also Hydrargyrum iodatum flavatum Merc. iod. ruber. 299

see also Hydrargyrum biiodatum Merc. sol. 299

see also Hydrargyrum metallicum Merc. sulph. 299

see also Hydrargyrum sulphas mercuric chloride see Hydrargyrum bichloratum mercuric iodide see Hydrargyrum biiodatum mercuric sulfate see Hydrargyrum sulphas mercuric sulfide see Hydrargyrum sulphuratum rubrum Mercurius biiodatus see Hydrargyrum biiodatum Mercurius cyanatus see Hydrargyrum cyanatum Mercurius dulcis see Hydrargyrum chloratum Mercurius iodatus flavatus see Hydrargyrum iodatum flavatum Mercurius solubilis Hahnemanni see Hydrargyrum metallicum Mercurius sublimatus corrosivus see Hydrargyrum bichloratum Mercurius sulphuricus see Hydrargyrum sulphas mercurous chloride see Hydrargyrum chloratum mercurous cyanide see Hydrargyrum cyanatum mercurous iodide see Hydrargyrum iodatum flavatum mercury see Hydrargyrum metallicum mescal buttons see Anhalonium lewinii metabolism 188

metabolic waste products 184 overactive metabolism 86 meta-analyses & clinical trials 24-25 Mexican tea see Chenopodium ambrosioides var. anthelminticum Mezereum/mezereon 300

see also Daphne mezereum miasms 20-21

Micrurus corallinus (Elaps) 155, 291 migraines 218-19 Atropa belladonna (Belladonna) 39 Cephaelis ipecacuanha (Ipecac.) 45 Lycopodium clavatum (Lycopodium) 218-19

migraines (continued)

Natrum chloratum (Nat. mur.) 218-19 Petroleum rectificatum (Petroleum) 93 Pulsatilla pratensis subsp. nigricans

(Pulsatilla) 218-19 see also headaches mild acne 240-41 mild eczema 240-41 milfoil see Achillea millefolium milk thistle see Silybum marianum Millefolium 300

see also Achillea millefolium mind & emotions complementary lifestyle guide 177 homeopathic assessment 176, 177 limbic system 210 see also emotional problems minor burns & scalds 270, 273 minor cuts & grazes 272 minor ear injuries 274 minor eye injuries 274 miscarriage 113 mistletoe see Viscum album monk's hood see Aconitum napellus monk's pepper see Vitex agnus-castus mononucleosis 254-55 mood swings 114 moorgrass see Drosera rotundifolia morning sickness 262-63 Moschus moschiferus (Moschus) 155, 300 mother-of-pearl see Calcium carbonicum

Hahnemanni mother tinctures 28, 29

first-aid uses 271 mountain daisy see Arnica montana mountain laurel see Kalmia latifolia mountain tobacco see Arnica montana mouth, role in digestive system 188 mouth conditions inflammation 104 mouth & throat conditions 85, 92 mouth ulcers 70, 232-33 self-help ailments 232-33 see also individual ailments by name, e.g., gingivitis mugwort see Artemisia vulgaris multiple sclerosis 179

mumps 252-53

Murex purpurea & M. trunculus (Murex) 155, 300 Muriatic ac. 300

see also Acidum hydrochloricum muscles 192 ailments muscle pain 37 muscle spasms 109 muscle sprains & strains 273 muscle tremors 79, 109 muscle twitches 38 muscle weakness 96 musk deer see Moschus moschiferus myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME)

see chronic fatigue syndrome myelin sheaths 178

damaged in multiple sclerosis 178, 179 Mygale avicularis/mygale see Mygale lasiodora Mygale cubensis see Tarentula cubensis Mygale lasiodora (Mygale las.) 156, 300 Myristica fragrans (Nux mosch.) 156, 301

Fight Acne

Fight Acne

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