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Multiple Sclerosis Eating Plan

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A diet that is low in animal fats, gluten-free, and high in gamma-linoleic acid (found in sunflower seeds and oil) may be beneficial, while caffeine is best avoided. Regular exercise and rest are important. A daily routine might include three rest periods of 10-20 minutes each and fairly vigorous exercise such as weight-lifting, which should be built up very gradually.


• If, despite all treatment, the condition continues to deteriorate, consult a doctor.

• If a person affected by multiple sclerosis undergoes psychological or physical trauma, homeopathic remedies taken as a preventative measure may preempt an attack.


Christine was a 39-year-old homemaker. Eight years before her homeopathic consultation, she had noticed that her right foot dragged because of weakness in the leg. Multiple sclerosis was diagnosed six years later, when she began to suffer blurred vision and a frequent urge to urinate. She was taking phenylalanine and vitamin and mineral supplements.


A pleasant, mild-mannered woman on the surface, Christine admitted to anger and a deep sense of injustice. She had a tendency to feel resentful and lose her temper. She lacked confidence, was depressed about her illness deteriorating, and feared the future. Her mother had died when Christine was eight.


Christine had a great desire for coffee and a strong dislike of whiskey. She liked most foods, especially sweet foods, salt, vinegar, and spices, but she disliked fats.


Christine felt worse in cold and wet weather, in great heat, and in the late afternoon, but she felt better for warmth. Her symptoms worsened if she was overtired or thought too much about her illness. She woke unrefreshed from sleep.


Christine was given a low potency of Nat. mur., and advised to write to her dead mother to unburden her suppressed grief. The remedy was repeated twice in a higher potency, along with advice about rest, exercise, and additional mineral and vitamin supplements, but her condition deteriorated. Lathyrus failed to help. Allergy tests proved negative, but her mercury levels were low. A digestive problem was suspected. Herbal and homeopathic remedies improved her bowel function, but the multiple sclerosis worsened. Phosphorus failed to help, and Christine was desperate. She was then prescribed Causticum on the basis of her oversensitivity to people. Her condition improved immediately. High-potency Causticum, with physiotherapy for her abnormal gait, has sustained the improvement.

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