An enlarged prostate may benefit from 1 tbsp of lecithin as instructed, a zinc supplement, and evening primrose oil. The diet should include plenty of oily fish, but no caffeine, alcohol, or refined sugar. Constipation is to be avoided. Sabal is available in an herbal form called palmetto which is good for prostatitis, as is 2-3 tsp cold, pressed flaxseed oil taken twice a day.


• If there is a dragging feeling between the legs, difficulty in passing urine, and blood in the urine, or if there is acute urine retention (a few drops may be passed) causing abdominal discomfort, see a doctor as soon as possible.


George was 74 and had a seven-year history of an enlarged prostate. It caused him to urinate every couple of hours, and he had to get up at least three times a night. Following a biopsy, he had been assured that there was no cancer. He had been generally healthy all his life, apart from having a tubercular lymph node removed when he was in his twenties.


This rather shy, apprehensive man was something of a perfectionist. Extremely ambitious, George had progressed to become president of one company he worked for and, when seen, had his own consultancy business—for relaxation, he claimed. He found the prospect of addressing large groups of people daunting, but performed well once he had begun.


George disliked extremes of heat and cold. Apart from his prostate problem, he was in extremely good health for his age. He experienced a lot of flatulence, and eating even small amounts of food made him feel full.


George had a very sweet tooth and enjoyed alcohol. He liked his foods warm, and hated cold foods or drinks. Oysters, onions, and brassicas such as cabbage upset his digestion.


George was prescribed Phosphorus as a constitutional remedy and an herbal form of Sabal for his symptoms. This treatment reduced his urination at night slightly for a couple of months, after which the frequency increased to what it had been before. He was then prescribed Lycopodium, and his condition began to improve generally. He was getting up only once a night—considered to be normal at his age—and his sexual function also improved. George experienced a setback following minor surgery, but again responded well to Lycopodium. He continues to get up just once a night, and does not suffer from frequency of urination at all during the day. He takes the occasional dose of Sabal if he feels his condition might start to deteriorate.

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