labor 32

labor pains 46, 262-63

Lac caninum (Lac can.) 108, 296

Lac defl. 296 see also Lac vaccinum defloratum

Lac vaccinum defloratum (Lac defl.) 151, 296

Lachesis 296

see also Lachesis muta Lachesis lanceolatus see Bothrops lanceolatus Lachesis muta (Lachesis) 109, 258-59, 272, 296

Lachnanthes tinctoria (Lachnanthes) 151, 296 lady's love see Artemisia abrotanum lambkill see Kalmia latifolia lamb's tail see Lycopodium clavatum laryngitis 34, 228-29 late-onset diabetes 191 later life see elderly people Lathyrus sativus (Lathyrus) 151, 296 Latrodectus mactans (Latrodectus mac.) 152, 297

Laurus camphora see Cinnamomum camphora Law of Contraries 12 Law of Similars (like cures like) 12, 18 Laws of Cure 19 lead see Plumbum metallicum leaky gut syndrome 206 Ledum palustre (Ledum) 152, 272, 274, 297 leg conditions leg pain 43 leg paralysis 43 restless legs 230-31

arsenicosum bichromicum bromatum carbonicum iodatum chloratum nitricum leopard's bane see Arnica montana lesser periwinkle see Vinca minor Levant wormseed see Artemisia cina libido, excessive 105 life root see Senecio aureus lifestyle complementary lifestyle guide 217 homeopathic assessment 176, 177 lignum vitae see Guaiacum officinale like cures like (Law of Similars) 12, 18 Lilium lancifolium see Lilium tigrinum Lilium tigrinum (Lilium) 58, 297 lily-of-the-valley see Convallaria majalis limbic system 210 limbs restless 114 twitching 101 see also leg conditions lip inflammation 104 Lithium carb./lithium carbonate 297

see also Lithium carbonicum Lithium carbonicum (Lithium carb.) 152, 297 liver 184, 188 lobar pneumonia 183 Lobaria pulmonaria (Sticta) 152, 307 Lobelia inflata (Lobelia) 152, 297 Lophophora williamsii see Anhalonium lewinii lords & ladies see Arum maculatum low self-esteem 36 lower back pain 41 loxa bark see Cinchona officinalis lucerne see Medicago sativa lunar caustic see Argentum nitricum lungs 180

Lupulus/Lupulus humulus 297

see also Humulus lupulus Lycopodium clavatum (Lycopodium) 59, 297 bloating & flatulence 236-37 erectile dysfunction 264-65 hair loss 242-43 irritability & anger 244-45 migraines 218-19 senile dementia 266-67 Lycopus virginicus (Lycopus) 153, 297 Lycosa tarentula see Tarentula hispanica lymphatic system 204 lymphocytes 204

Lyssin hydrophobinum (Lyssin) 153, 297 Lytta vesicatoria see Cantharis vesicatoria

Diabetes 2

Diabetes 2

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