Kalium bichromicum


KEY SYMPTOMS great attention to detail • regular habits • localized pain • tough, stringy, yellow-green catarrh • person feels worse between 2 a.m. and 5 a.m.

Potassium dichromate, the compound used to make this remedy, is also used industrially for a variety of purposes, such as the manufacture of chrome pigments. The homeopathic remedy was proved by Dr. Drysdale and published in 1864. Like other Kali. remedies, it has a strong affinity with the mucous membranes; it is often used for conditions that produce profuse catarrh, and for certain skin problems. Unlike other Kali. remedies, it may help stomach complaints.

Compound forms as brightly colored crystals

POTASSIUM DICHROMATE This powerful oxidizing agent is a highly caustic and corrosive poison.

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