Joint pain

symptoms Stiffness and pain in joints, aggravated by damp.

Symptoms better For warmth; for movement. Symptoms worse For cold; for damp; for extremes of temperature; for inactivity.

See also Severe eczema, page 194; Sore throat, page 226

Strychnos nux-vomica


KEY SYMPTOMS irritability • overly critical nature • tendency to be highly driven and ambitious • chilliness • desire for rich foods and stimulants • indigestion and constipationsleeplessness

The poison-nut tree was brought to Europe from southeast Asia in the 15 th century. Strychnine, the toxic alkaloid from its seeds, was famous as a poison before 17th-century physicians discovered its stimulating effect on the digestive and nervous systems. Small doses can be diuretic, stimulate the appetite, and aid digestion, but excessive amounts can be fatal. Nux vomica was proved by Hahnemann in 1805.

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