There are many different strains of the influenza virus, and the symptoms include fever, muscular aches and pains, headache, sore throat, and cough. Children, the elderly, smokers, and people with chronic diseases are the most likely to be seriously affected by it. SELF-HELP Rest and drink frequently, especially hot water mixed with fresh lemon juice and a little honey. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, and take combination Q tissue salts (see page 216). CAUTION If fever persists for four days, see a doctor.

Influenza with weakness

Influenza with high fever

Chills running up and down the spine Shakiness and trembling, mainly in the legs Bursting headache that is better for urinating Fever with lack of thirst and fatigue • Sore throat

High fever that comes on suddenly Flushed face Bright red, sore throat Wide, staring eyes easily when the immune system is weak, making the body vulnerable. Variations in the efficiency of the immune system explain why only some of the people exposed to a cold actually catch it. The immune system may be impaired by poor diet, overindulgence, exposure to cold or windy weather, or being chilled or overheated. In addition, the


• None apart from irritability due • In cool rooms to discomfort of symptoms • In fresh air

• For movement body's defenses are weakened by overwork, exhaustion, anxiety, and stress. A weak system also increases the possibility of allergic reactions to atmospheric particles. Homeopathy addresses imbalances in the immune system rather than fighting infection. Allergies may require constitutional homeopathic treatment (see page 176).


• In warm rooms Allium cepa

• For warm foods and drinks 6c as required up to 10 doses

Restlessness • In the open air

Anxiety and worry • For eating

Possible hyperactivity in children • For rest

For sneezing For warmth In dry weather

Arsen. iod.

(see page 126) 6c as required up to 10 doses

• None apart from irritability due to discomfort of symptoms

• When lying down in a darkened room

• For bright light

(see page 142) 6c as required up to 10 doses

• Fear of losing touch with friends

• Talkativeness

• Excitability

• For applying cold compresses to the forehead

• For gentle exercise

• For lying down

• For jarring and touch

• When lying on the right side

• When overheated but not perspiring

Ferrum phos.

(see page 82) 6c every 2 hours up to 4 doses

• Irritability

• Overcriticism of others

• For applying firm pressure and warm compresses to the nose

• In the evening

• In public places

• For emotional stress

• For spicy foods or stimulants

Nux vomica

(see page 63) 6c every 2 hours up to 4 doses

• Desire to be left alone

• Aversion to sympathy

• For applying cold compresses to the sinuses

• In cold, thundery weather

• For physical or mental exertion

• For noise, talking, or music

(see page 92) 6c every 2 hours up to 4 doses

Apprehension and worry about forthcoming events

Brain feels dull and drowsy

In fresh air • For urinating For applying hot compresses to the back of the head and top of the neck

In the sun • In humid conditions For emotional stress In the early morning and late at night


(see page 144) 6c every 2 hours up to 10 doses

• Confusion and delirium

• Horrible visions

• Violent outbursts

• When standing or sitting up

• When lying on the right side


30c every 2 hours up to 10 doses


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