Homeopathic medicine

Homeopathic treatment is largely constitutional after study of the patient's history. This includes emotional factors and, especially in multiple sclerosis, any long-suppressed problems from childhood. Homeopathy attributes this condition to an inherent weakness of the nervous system that is aggravated by trauma, infection, or the effects of toxic metals.

Constitutional prescription will mainly depend upon the individual's symptoms (see page 18), but some remedies have an affinity with the nervous system. Argentum nit. has a direct, qualitative effect upon nerves controlling conscious movement; while Causticum is indicated for the progressive debilitation of the nervous system. Nat. mur is prescribed for problems in the brain and spinal cord that produce tingling, weakness, and eventual numbness in the fingers, hands, and arms. Other constitutional remedies include Lachesis, Phosphorus, and Plumbum met.

Remedies for the relief of specific symptoms include Phosphorus, if there is frequent fainting; Tarentula, for jerky movements of the hands, feet, and tongue; and Agaricus, for weak, shaky movements accompanied by shooting pains.

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