Homeopathic medicine

A physical examination and investigative tests will be carried out, and details taken of a woman's gynecological and obstetric history A homeopath will also study precipitative factors affecting her general health—especially hormonal balances—in an attempt to identify the underlying causes of breast problems. The choice of constitutional remedy will depend upon individual symptoms (see page 18).

Silica is effective for abscesses; while Sulphur may be used to treat infection that has entered through cracked nipples, causing mastitis. Calc. phos. is prescribed for painful breast lumps and swelling; and Conium is used to treat hard tumors. Calc. carb. and Pulsatilla are indicated for lumps or inflammation that occur premenstrually or are linked to hormonal imbalances. Other remedies include Arnica, Causticum, and Lachesis for nipple pain; and Graphites for eczema and cracked, blistered nipples.

Local remedies include Belladonna, when an abscess or mastitis is developing and the breast is red, heavy, throbbing, and painful on the slightest movement; and Bryonia, if a breast is hard and painful on the slightest movement. Conium is given for a breast lump causing discomfort that is better for firm pressure, or for a cyst; and Phytolacca is prescribed for cysts that are tender before and during menstruation.

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