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A full medical history of the condition, any family history of allergy, and possible triggers will be studied by a homeopath. A person's psychological makeup, food preferences, and environmental factors will also be investigated.

Constitutional remedies will be largely determined by an individual's symptoms (see page 18). Calc. sulph. is indicated for skin eruptions that easily become infected; while Dulcamara is effective for thickening of the epidermis. Graphites is associated with sticky fluid exuded from inflamed patches that dry out to become rough and hard; and Rhus tox. is also prescribed for infected skin. Other remedies commonly prescribed are Arsen. alb., Baryta mur., Calc. carb., Hepar sulph., and Sulphur.

Local remedies prescribed for acute conditions include Psorinum, if the skin is broken and very sensitive, and the slightest scratch becomes infected, forming a green crust that burns and itches, then cracks and bleeds. Oleander is given for skin that is very dry, sensitive, and itchy so that the slightest friction results in soreness, and scratching causes the skin to bleed and weep. Mezereum is prescribed for itchy, thick scabs, beneath which there is pus, and which are worse for warm baths. Cicuta is used for eczema that is worse on the face and hands, feels hot to the touch, and may include pustules.

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