Homeopathic medicine

Just as a person's psychological state provides clues about remedies for physical conditions, with a condition such as phobia it is often the accompanying physical symptoms that indicate a specific constitutional remedy (see page 18). Argentum nit. is prescribed for multiple phobias associated with anxiety neuroses that originate in previous experiences. Calc. carb. may be used to treat fears of heights and open spaces; while Calc. phos. is often prescribed for phobias centered around school. Phosphorus is used for fears that develop into phobias when the sufferer spends too much time alone. Other constitutional remedies include Aurum met., Graphites, Ignatia, Lycopodium, Nat. carb., Psorinum, Sepia, and Stramonium.

Remedies given for specific symptoms include Borax, for fear of heights associated with a sensation of falling; Sulphur, when a fear of heights is associated with great giddiness; and Gelsemium, for a fear of appearing in public associated with weak limbs. Anacardium or. is used to treat the sensation of having a plug in the stomach, especially in performers; and Aconite is given for a fear of dying with palpitations.

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