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Most homeopathic practitioners treat depression constitutionally. Remedies are determined largely by an individual's symptoms (see page 18). It may be the case that if emotional problems are alleviated, physical problems come to the fore (see page

19). Aurum met. is associated with the kind of despair that might lead to suicide; while Causticum is indicated for a feeling of loss of control. China is prescribed for low spirits following menstruation or associated with neuralgic pain; and Lachesis is given for premenstrual or menopausal depression. Nat. mur. is used for depression associated with the suppression of grief. Other remedies prescribed constitutionally include Arsen. alb., Calc. carb., Graphites, Lycopodium, Nat. carb., Platina, Pulsatilla, Sepia, Sulphur, and Thuja.

Specific remedies include Ignatia, when depression results from bereavement or the breakup of a relationship; or Cadmium sulph., following a viral illness such as mononucleosis that produces a lack of energy Nux vomica is used when there is great irritability, extreme chilliness, and overcriticism of others; while Aconite is often given for the sudden onset of depression following a fright or shock, and which is linked with a fear of death.

Natural Depression Cures

Natural Depression Cures

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