Homeopathic medicine

In the initial stages of mild, viral pneumonia, treatment by an experienced homeopathic physician may be beneficial. With recurrent pneumonia, constitutional homeopathic treatment is certainly advisable in addition to conventional treatment. A person's specific symptoms will largely determine constitutional prescription (see page 18), but certain remedies have an affinity with the lungs. Arsen. alb. is prescribed for bronchial constriction; while Bacillinum may be used for those with respiratory problems in whom chronic catarrh may easily give rise to infection, such as the elderly. Calc. carb. is effective for complications arising out of restrictions in the movement of the rib cage; and either Pulsatilla or Phosphorus may be used to treat irritation of the mucous membranes lining the respiratory tract.

In acute cases of pneumonia, Aconite may be prescribed if the onset is sudden, particularly in cold, dry weather, and there is chest pain, fever, anxiety, and a fear of dying. Phosphorus is given for a cough producing rust-colored sputum, with weakness, trembling, nervousness, and numb extremities, and symptoms that are worse for lying on the left side. Bryonia is prescribed for chest pain that is worse for the slightest movement but better for lying on the affected side.

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