Homeopathic medicine

In addition to an individual's medical history, a homeopath will consider emotional state, any local aggravating factors, such as the effects of cold air or physical exhaustion, and food preferences. Prescription of constitutional remedies will be largely determined by specific symptoms (see page 18), but some remedies have an affinity with the heart. Agaricus is associated with heart irregularities induced by stimulants. Apis is indicated for organic heart disease accompanied by fluid retention. China is associated with nervous exhaustion. Conium is effective for an incompetent mitral valve, and Kali. carb. is indicated if there are associated respiratory problems such as asthma. Other remedies include Argentum nit., Aurum met., Calc. carb, Lachesis, Nat. mur, Nux vomica, Phosphorus, Sepia, and Sulphur.

Acute attacks are also treated according to specific symptoms. Remedies include Aconite, if onset is sudden, especially after shock, with a fear of dying; and Nux vomica, if palpitations result from overindulgence, or if there is physical and mental exhaustion with overarousal from doing too much, chilliness, and irritability. Digitalis is given for palpitations preceding a feeling as though the heart has stopped, with a fear that the least movement might make it stop again; and Lachesis is prescribed for menopausal women who feel faint and anxious, and complain of a constricted feeling in the chest.

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