Homeopathic medicine

A full case history is studied along with the results of explorative tests. Particular attention is paid to triggers of angina and location of the pain. There are two aspects of homeopathic treatment: constitutional treatment aims to relieve pressure in the heart long-term, while acute remedies are prescribed for attacks.

Although specific symptoms ultimately determine the choice of constitutional remedy (see page 18), those that have an affinity with the circulatory system include Apis, effective for fluid retention; Argent. nit., associated with improved nerve conduction to coronary arteries; Arnica, if there is damaged heart muscle—after a heart attack for example; Arsen. alb., for problems in the left side of the heart; and Aurum, for atherosclerosis, other arterial diseases, and valve problems.

Acute remedies include Cactus grand., if the chest feels as though there is an iron band around it, and if there are breathing difficulties, cold sweats, pain in the left arm, and falling blood pressure; and Lilium, when the chest feels as though it is in a vise, and there are palpitations and pain in the right arm. Latrodectus mac. is used for serious chest pains, rapid pulse, and numb fingers; and Spigelia is given for palpitations with a thirst for hot water and breathing difficulties relieved by lying on the right.

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