Homeopathic medicine

It is rare for a homeopathic practitioner to treat a tuberculosis patient exclusively. The disease has to be reported to the medical authorities, and will inevitably, and justifiably, be treated conventionally Homeopathy can, however, play an important supportive role, and if indeed the disease is developing a resistance to conventional drugs, complementary treatment may become important—for example, in boosting the immune system.

The patient's specific symptoms will be the main criteria in determining constitutional prescription (seepage 18). Certain remedies, however, have an affinity with respiratory ailments. Arsen. alb. is indicated for bronchial constriction and Lycopodium with infection of the right lung. Phosphorus is effective for treating inflammation of the mucous membranes; and Calc. carb. is prescribed for gland enlargement.

For acute attacks, remedies include Bacillinum for head sweats; Calc. carb. if the extremities are cold and clammy, with weakness and apprehension; and Arsen. alb. if there is chilliness, exhaustion, anxiety, and a desire for sips of water.

How To Win Your War Against Anxiety Disorders

How To Win Your War Against Anxiety Disorders

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