Homeopathic medicine

Homeopathy is most effective in treating candidiasis in the genitals. A practitioner will study the reason for the proliferation of the bacteria. Choice of constitutional remedy will depend upon individual symptoms (see page 18), and especially the characteristics of the vaginal discharge. Arsen. alb. is prescribed for a burning, offensive-smelling discharge associated with inflammation; and Graphites for a profuse, thin, white discharge associated with inflammation. Medorrhinum is given for a fishy-

smelling discharge that feels as though it is stripping the skin off the vagina; while Merc. sol. is indicated for inflammation and bleeding of the vagina with a greenish discharge, and for inflammation of the penis. Nitric ac. is used to treat blisters and ulcers on the genitals.

Local remedies include Lyccpodium, for an irritating vaginal discharge that is worse after menstruation, with itching and thickening of the vulval skin from scratching; and Carbc veg., for an offensive-smelling, itchy, greenish, burning discharge that is worse for heat, and for cracking of the vulva. Krecsctum is prescribed for an offensive, sour-smelling discharge that stains underwear, with soreness and burning in the vagina; and Nux vomica, for an offensive-smelling discharge, especially during pregnancy, that is worse for heat, and is associated with frequent urination.

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