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Constitutional assessment is a prerequisite of effective homeopathic treatment. A full medical will include referral for colonic investigation if necessary Specific symptoms will then be studied, along with any aggravating factors that have been observed, and emotional temperament.

The most important criteria in determining constitutional treatment are the individual's symptoms (see page 18). Some remedies have an affinity for the digestive tract, and are particularly effective in treating the symptoms of inflammation of the colon. Cantharis is prescribed for inflammation of the lining of the gut and the production of thick, sticky mucus. Colchicum is given for colitis with dysentery-like symptoms. Colocynthis is effective for colicky and neuralgic pains induced by irritation of the intestine; and Merc. corr. is used for constant straining of the rectum, which is not eased by passing stools. Arsen. alb., Nux vomica, and Sulphur are other commonly used constitutional remedies.

Remedies for acute flare-ups of colitis include Merc. corr, when there are hot, foul-smelling stools containing blood and mucus, and cutting pains in the abdomen on passing a stool, which are not relieved by emptying the bowel; Arsen. alb., for restlessness, anxiety, burning abdominal pains with vomiting, a frequent desire for sips of warm drinks, and attacks that come on around midnight; and Phosphorus, if stools are bloody, and pain is relieved by passing a stool but then the anus feels as though it is gaping.

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