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Hiccups are caused by spasms of the diaphragm that produce a rush of air into the lungs. This causes the vocal cords to snap shut with a click. The spasms are caused by irritation of the diaphragm due to too much air in the stomach, laughing, being tickled, or emotional stress. SELF-HELP Traditional cures include holding the breath, breathing rapidly, breathing into a paper bag, having someone give you a shock, or squirting lemon juice down the back of the throat. Water with a little glucose may help infants.

but it can be upset by many factors. Some can be controlled, such as diet and, to a certain extent, emotional stress or allergy, and some cannot, like infection or inherited problems. Dietary discretion—what a person chooses to eat—


Indigestion with excessive flatulence

Digestion seems to have slowed down Pain when eating even the plainest food Burning feeling in the stomach extending through to the back

Craving for salty, acidic, or sweet foods and coffee, and aversion to meat or milk

Indigestion with painful retching

Heartburn 30 minutes after eating, with a putrid taste in the mouth Craving for fatty, acidic, or spicy foods and alcohol, even though they upset the digestion

Indigestion with nausea and/or vomiting

Indigestion two hours after eating, and especially in the evening

Pounding heart

Unpleasant taste in the mouth

Feeling of pressure under the breastbone

Possible headache around the eyes

Heartburn with desire for ice-cold water

Burning sensation in the chest Craving for ice-cold water that may be vomited as soon as it is warmed in the stomach Constant hunger

Wakefulness and night hunger but eating produces no weight gain Desire for salt, ice cream, chocolate, fish, and cool drinks, and aversion to oysters, eggs, and meat

Heartburn with craving for sweets

Burning sensation associated with hunger and weakness due to low blood-sugar levels (hypoglycemia)

Strong craving for sweet, spicy, and fatty foods

Hiccups with belching

Hiccups an hour or two after eating a very rich meal Possible retching

Hiccups associated with emotional stress

Hiccups after eating, drinking, or smoking and eating habits have an obvious impact on digestion. Some foods are difficult to digest, and routines such as eating late may also cause problems. Minor ailments, such as indigestion, lend themselves to homeopathic self-help, especially if combined with dietary controls. Homeopathic remedies are concerned with improving the condition of the digestive tract, by adjusting the number of beneficial bacteria; reducing irritation caused by some foods; improving waste elimination; and maintaining other organs involved in the digestive process, such as the liver. Some ailments, such as hemorrhoids, may need constitutional treatment (see page 176), especially if they recur.




Lack of mental energy Lack of interest in life Intransigence

For burping In cold, fresh air


Agitation resulting from stress and lack of sleep Criticism of others

Tearfulness at the slightest provocation Depression Self-pity

Desire for sympathy

For warmth For sleep

For applying firm pressure to the stomach In the evening For being alone

For gentle exercise For crying

For overeating

For rich, fatty foods

For eating too late in the day

When lying down

In the evening

In warm, wet weather

For touch

For fatty, acidic, or spicy foods or alcohol

For stress

For lack of sleep

In cold, windy weather

For rich, fatty foods For emotional stress For hormonal changes associated with menstruation or pregnancy In the evening and at night In hot, stuffy conditions

Carbo veg.

(see page 44) 30c every 10-15 minutes up to 7 doses

Nux vomica

(see page 63) 6c every 10-15 minutes up to 7 doses


(see page 61) 6c every 10-15 minutes up to 7 doses

Anxiety about health Irrational fear of the dark, being alone, death, and thunderstorms

For cold foods and water For sleep

For general body massage

When lying on the back

For stress

For warm foods


(see page 94) 6c every 10-15 minutes up to 7 doses if acute

Laziness and lack of mental energy Melancholia • Hypochondria Tendency to daydream Indecision

In the open air

For applying warm compresses to the stomach and lower chest For warm drinks

For bathing

For becoming overheated, especially in a warm room or in bed at night When standing up


(see page 99) 6c every 10-15 minutes up to 7 doses if acute

Irritability Fussiness

Lack of mental energy Exhaustion from lack of sleep Overcriticism

For hot drinks

For loosening clothing

For the pressure of clothing

For overindulgence

For food, drink, or drugs

Nux vomica

(see page 63) 6c every 15 minutes up to 6 doses

• Moodiness • Oversensitivity

• Lack of mental energy

• For swallowing

• For emotional stress

• For smoking, eating, or drinking when upset


(see page 57) 6c every 15 minutes up to 6 doses


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