Helping Remedies Work

A homeopathic remedy helps the body heal itself. This self-healing can be encouraged, and future health and well-being promoted, by a series of measures put into place alongside the treatment (see below). The importance of a good, balanced diet and adequate exercise is obvious, but many other aspects of a persons life, such as how they combine work and play, whether or not they have a network of family and friends, and their general outlook on life, can help or hinder healing.



• Obtain protein from vegetarian sources rather than meat and dairy products.

• Eat foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals or take supplements.

• Cut down on refined carbohydrates, salt, animal fats, sugar, yeast, and processed foods.

• Drink plenty of fluids.

• Reduce consumption of caffeine and alcohol.

Lose weight if necessary.

• Consult a dietician about specific needs.

• Include plenty of fiber in the diet.

• Use healthy cooking methods—for example, broiling rather than frying.


• Learn breathing techniques to maximize the benefits of exercise.

• Include exercise in a daily routine—for example, climb stairs rather than take an elevator.

• Plan a weekly exercise program.

• Aim to improve energy levels, brain power, and mood.

• Choose activities for specific purposes such as muscle coordination, strength, and endurance, cardiovascular endurance, or flexibility.

• Always warm up before exercising and stretch out afterward.

• Use exercise as a means of getting time to yourself, or meeting people, or as a challenge.


• Prohibit smoking at home and at work.

• Reduce the risk of allergies by keeping the home dust-free.

• Use environmentally friendly household products rather than strong, chemical-based substances that are potentially irritating.

• Avoid using heavily perfumed toiletries and skin-care products.

• Avoid polluted or noisy environments.

• Humidify or dehumidify rooms as necessary.

• Make rooms draft-free but with adequate ventilation.

• Wear natural fibers.

• Create an area that is conducive to relaxation.


• Take periods of rest during the day and get enough sleep at night.

• Include periods of relaxation and exercise in a daily routine.

• Prioritize and organize tasks.

• Delegate, and learn to say "no" to extra work.

• Eat properly and regularly and get plenty of fresh air.

• Make time for leisure activities and socializing with family and friends.

• Cultivate a positive attitude to all things.

• Face up to problems rather than putting them off.


• Breathing and relaxation techniques: for relief of pain and stress-related symptoms.

Touch therapies: pressure or massage for relaxation, relief of ailments, and promotion of health (for example, aromatherapy, reflexology).

• Manipulation: for disorders of the spine, joints, and muscles, and for body alignment (for example, physiotherapy, osteopathy).

• Physical reeducation: for tension release, body alignment, and improved posture and flexibility (for example, Hellerwork, Alexander technique).

• Movement therapies: for increased vitality and promotion of self-healing (for example, tai chi, yoga, dance movement therapy).


• Breathing and relaxation techniques: for managing stress and treating mental conditions including phobias, insomnia, and depression.

Meditation: focusing on feelings of inner peace and fulfillment rather than on thought processes for relief of stress and promotion of well-being.

• Psychotherapy and counseling: talking to a skilled listener as a treatment for mental and emotional disorders.

Hypnotherapy: use of a trancelike state of consciousness to influence physical and mental conditions—for example, desensitizing pain.

• Creative therapies: use of sounds, music, or art to treat mental and emotional disorders.

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