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Adolescence describes the transition from childhood to adulthood, and is ushered in by hormonal changes that occur at about 10 or 11 years of age in girls and a year or so later in boys. Height and weight are gained during



This viral infection is spread by personal contact. It starts like influenza, with fever, sore throat, headache, and general aches and pains. Within a day or two the lymph glands, especially those in the throat, become swollen and painful and the tonsils enlarged and dirty-looking. There may be a rash, and—in rare cases—jaundice. Although symptoms usually wear off in two or three weeks, full recovery may take longer and lethargy may last for months. Stress, such as that generated by overworking for exams or the breakup of a relationship, may increase susceptibility to mononucleosis.

SELF-HELP Rest in bed until acute symptoms abate, after which avoid strenuous exercise and do only 75 percent of what you are capable of doing, both physically and mentally, until recovery is complete. CAUTION See a doctor for a blood test to confirm the diagnosis.

adolescence, but more significant is the progression to sexual maturity. In boys, this takes the form of an enlargement of the genitals and the larynx, and the appearance of body hair; in girls, it involves the development of breasts and body



Mononucleosis with

• Tonsils are swollen and purple, with weeping

enlarged tonsils

ulcers, and swallowing is difficult

and ulcers

• Tongue is cracked and parched, and teeth

have a brown coating

• Great physical exhaustion

• Possible headache and muscular pain

Mononucleosis with offensive perspiration

• Throat is dark red, sore, and swollen

• Saliva burns the throat on swallowing

• Tongue feels swollen and is yellow-coated with tooth imprints

• Offensive-smelling breath

• Copious, smelly perspiration

Mononucleosis with pain on swallowing food and hot drinks

Tonsils are dark red

Shooting pain up to the ears on swallowing Swallowing food and hot drinks is especially painful


Sweat glands in the groin and underarms become functional at about 15 or 16 in girls and a year or two later in boys. Most anxiety about body odor occurs as a result of the unfamiliar smell rather than an excess of perspiration. The odor becomes offensive when bacteria breed in the stale sweat. Perspiration may be increased by stress and during menstruation in girls.

SELF-HELP Wash thoroughly every day using alkaline soap, which will discourage the proliferation of bacteria. CAUTION If symptoms persist, consult a doctor.

Body odor in overweight people who feel the cold easily

Body odor from perspiring in hot and cold conditions

Perspiration smells sour

Perspiration on the back of the head during sleep that wets the pillow

Profuse perspiration in the morning

Profuse perspiration for only moderate exertion

Copious, unpleasant-smelling perspiration Perspiration occurs in both hot and cold conditions

Possible large amounts of saliva


This describes a state of extreme anxiety about taking exams that almost amounts to a phobia (seepage211). Psychological symptoms include a feeling of panic and an inability to concentrate. Physical symptoms include diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and headache. The condition may be exacerbated by other problems—for example, difficulty in studying at home or pressure to achieve high grades. Constitutional homeopathic treatment (see page 176) may be required. SELF-HELP Time management is the key to controlling anxiety. Start studying well in advance; draw up a timetable that divides subjects into manageable units and covers all topics adequately; and always include time out. Also, make sure that you get enough rest. Remedies should be taken on the day of the exam but also for some days before whenever symptoms appear. CAUTION If symptoms persist, consult a doctor.

Exam nerves with diarrhea

Exam nerves with inability to remember anything

Exam nerves with weak, wobbly legs

Diarrhea and possibly nausea and vomiting before an exam • Watery stools Diarrhea accompanied by copious gas Diarrhea immediately after eating or drinking

Sensation as though there is a plug or lump somewhere, usually in the throat or rectum Sensation as though a weight were pressing down on the shoulders Possible worsening of eczema in sufferers

Limbs feel weak and wobbly

Possible aches and pains resembling the onset of influenza hair, and the onset of menstrual periods. Emotionally and intellectually, adolescence is a time of great change as a teenager veers between dependence and independence, and peers very often become more important role models than parents. Many of the disorders encountered during adolescence result from the great hormonal changes that


• Mental dullness and • For hot drinks apparent stupidity • When lying on the right side

• Great anxiety or depression, with constant sighing take place at this stage of life. Ailments may be exacerbated by emotional, academic, and peer-group pressures, and may require long-term, constitutional homeopathic treatment in some cases (see page 176). Homeopathic remedies and other self-help measures can help address bodily imbalances in the short term.


• For sitting up Ailanthus

• For movement 6c every 4 hours up to 10 doses

Irritability and emotionalism or shyness and introversion Emotional oversensitivity

For rest

When warmly dressed In the morning

In extremes of temperature For perspiring At night

When lying on the right side

Merc. sol.

(see page 85) 6c every 4 hours up to 10 doses

Restlessness Indifference to life Fear of dying

When lying on the stomach For rest For warmth

For getting out of bed

For movement

For swallowing

For hot foods and drinks

During the hours of darkness


(see page 159) 6c every 4 hours up to 10 doses

• Depression

• In dr y weather

• For cold

Calc. carb.

• Apprehension

• In the morning

• For mainly physical but also

(see page 77)

• Forgetfulness

• After breakfast

mental exertion

6c hourly

• Concern about appearing

• For stress

up to 10 doses

insane to others

• For drinking milk

• Irritability and emotionalism

• For rest

• In extremes of temperature

Merc. sol.

• Shyness and introversion

• When warmly dressed

• For perspiring

(see page 85)

• Emotional oversensitivity

• In the morning

• At night

6c hourly

• When lying on the right side

up to 10 doses

• Fear of failure

• In cold air

• For eating sugar

Argentum nit.

• Lack of self-confidence

• For washing the face in cold water

• For eating cold foods

(see page 74)

• Self-doubt that undermines

• For sitting

• In crowds

6c hourly


• For burping

up to 10 doses before an exam

Lack of self-confidence • For eating

Internal conflict that undermines • For heat concentration and the retention • For hot baths of information

For emotional stress

In the evening up until midnight

For mental exertion

Anacardium occ.

(see page 124) 6c hourly up to 10 doses before an exam

Fear of having to perform Virtual paralysis with fear when thinking about an exam despite great efforts to study

For urinating

For perspiring

With the eyes closed

For emotional stress In humid weather For smoking tobacco


(see page 144) 6c hourly up to 10 doses before an exam

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