symptoms Fever with a total lack of thirst and possible sore throat. There may be a severe headache with stabbing pains, in which the head feels hot. There may also be chills, and the skin is dry and sensitive. Symptoms better For cool surroundings; for uncovering; for cold compresses. Symptoms worse For heat; for hot, stuffy rooms; for sleep; for touch or pressure on the affected area.

See also Circulation, page 184; Osteoarthritis, page 196; Prostate problems, page 202; Allergies, page 206; Urticaria, page 242

Cantharis vesicatoria syn. Lytta vesicatoria


KEY SYMPTOMS burning, cutting pains • urine that passes in drops • very high libido with urinary problems • violent behavior • person feels worse for coffee

The iridescent body of this beetle contains an irritant called cantharidine, which has a long, if dubious, reputation in traditional medicine, due in part to its alleged aphrodisiac properties. If taken in large doses, cantharidine is a powerful poison that attacks the urinary system. It causes vomiting, diarrhea, burning pain in the stomach and throat, and kidney damage, and can lead ultimately to death. The remedy Cantharis, proved by Hahnemann in 1805, is given for complaints accompanied by burning pain.

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