Dupuytrens contracture

symptoms Thickened and shortened tissues or tendons in the fingers or the palms of the hands. One or more fingers may become fixed in a bent position. Either or both hands may be affected. Symptoms better For massage of the affected area.

Symptoms worse For trying to grasp smooth objects.

See also Multiple sclerosis, page 179; Diabetes, page 191; Vaginismus, page 260

Silicea terra syn. Acidum silicicum


KEY SYMPTOMS lack of assertiveness and stubbornness • lack of stamina • chilliness, but with offensive-smelling perspiration • susceptibility to recurrent infections

Silica is a form of the nonmetallic element silicon, which is one of the major elements of Earths crust and a vital constituent in the structure of plants. In the human body, it strengthens teeth, hair, and nails and is also found in connective tissue. Silica, proved by Hahnemann in 1828 and given more for slow-developing conditions than for acute ailments, has the unusual feature of reputedly being able to help expel foreign bodies such as splinters from the skin.


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