Digestive disorders

symptoms Nausea, vomiting, or chronic diarrhea, usually accompanied by a grumbling abdomen. Stools are typically pale, soft, and have a sour odor, as does urine. Symptoms better For warm, wet weather; for warmth; for eating. Symptoms worse For cold; for undressing.

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Hydrargyrum metallicum syn. Mercurius solubilis Hahnemanni


KEY SYMPTOMS foul-smelling discharges • reserved, suspicious state of mind • insecurity • copious perspiration that does not relieve conditions • person feels worse at night

Egyptian papyri dating from 1600 bce record the early medicinal use of mercury, which later spread to the Greeks, Romans, and Arabs. Its use persisted through to 1900 in the West as an aggressive treatment for syphilis and other diseases, until its toxic effects were deemed too dangerous. Merc. sol. was proved by Hahnemann and published in his Materia Medica Pura (1821-34). It is given primarily for ulcers, glandular problems, and offensive-smelling discharges.

MERCURY This mineral often forms as a liquid in volcanic rocks such as cinnabar.

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