Cramps convulsions epilepsy

symptoms The muscles feel knotted up, particularly in the legs, feet, and calves. Cramps and muscle spasms appear in the limbs, especially at night. They start with twitching and jerking in the toes, and then spread farther up the feet, ankles, and calves. Other symptoms are cold extremities, blue lips, and facial grimacing.

Muscle spasms may be marked in pregnancy and after childbirth. Extreme cramps or convulsions may occasionally be triggered. Young children may exhibit great anger or teething problems. Muscle spasms and convulsions linked to epilepsy may be violent, starting in the fingers and toes and spreading to the center of the body. There may be rashes and perspiration on the feet that is worse if suppressed—for example, by chilling the feet. Symptoms better For perspiring; for cold drinks. Symptoms worse For hot weather; at night; for touch; for suppressing emotions; for suppressing sweats and rashes.

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