Conventional care

Angina may be diagnosed by measuring electrical activity in the heart while the patient is on a treadmill, or by X-raying altered blood vessels injected with a highlighting substance (a practice known as coronary angiography). Conventional treatment is with drugs that improve circulation, such as glyceryl trinitrate, beta blockers, or calcium channel blockers. Surgery may be necessary. Angioplasty is the insertion and inflation of a balloon in a blocked vessel to widen it. Coronary artery bypass entails placing a section of vein—from a leg, for example—in the heart to bypass a blocked vein.

How To Keep Your Treadmill Running

How To Keep Your Treadmill Running

Buying a treadmill is hard enough. Choosing the best out of many treadmills in the market is nigh impossible. But once youve got the treadmill youve always wanted, are your worries truly over? Well, they certainly are, but only if you maintain your treadmill properly.

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