Common Names

Rattlesnake, pit viper.

The pain is particularly sharp on the left side of the throat, and is often accompanied by a dry, irritating cough. Another characteristic symptom linked with Crotalus is soreness in the throat with associated difficulty in swallowing. Symptoms better For being in fresh air. Symptoms worse For lying on the left side; for clothing that is tight around the neck.

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Lac caninum


KEY SYMPTOMS pain that alternates from side to side • fear of snakes • great sensitivity • lack of confidence • swollen breasts before menstruation • sensitivity to touch

Since the era of ancient Rome, the milk of nursing female dogs has been put to medicinal use. In the 1st century ce the Roman naturalist Pliny the Elder advocated it for allaying certain disorders of the female reproductive system. The Greek physician Sextus used it in the 3rd century ce for treating light-intolerance and inflammation of the inner ear. The homeopathic remedy Lac. can. was proved in 1888 by Drs. Swan and Berridge.

BITCH'S MILK Before the discovery of a vaccine for diphtheria, bitch's milk was commonly used to treat the disease.

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