Common Names

Arbor vitae, tree of life, white cedar.

over the left ovary. Ovarian cysts may also respond to Thuja.

Symptoms better For drawing up the limbs; for lying on the affected side or on the back. Symptoms worse On the left side; during menstruation; after gonorrhea.

See also Prostate problems, page 202; Depression, page 212; Warts, page 242

Veratrum album


KEY SYMPTOMS profuse diarrhea • vomiting with exhaustion • cold perspiration • blue-tinged skin • fainting • hyperactivity or melancholy

Extremely toxic in all its parts, white hellebore was reputedly used in ancient Rome on the tips of weapons. Its toxicity has limited white hellebores role in herbal medicine, although the plant has been used in insecticides and veterinary medicine. The remedy was proved by Hahnemann between 1826 and 1830. Along with Camphor, it was successfully used to treat victims of the 19th-century cholera epidemic in Europe, helping to make Hahnemann's reputation.

Leaves are smooth on top, hairy underneath

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